Secrets in the News: September + October 2019

A roundup of Secrets in the News for late September 2019. Read more below for a Canadian Shipwreck, a haunting fresco from Pompeii, an ancient sea monster, and more.

Underwater archaeologists release photos and video of the HMS Terror shipwreck

Canada Parks reports: The Canadian government and Inuit are working in partnership to explore the wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror ― the fabled ships of the 1845 Franklin Expedition that set sail from England in search of a Northwest Passage across what is now Canada’s Arctic  [read more].



Ancient DNA reveals the first glimpse of what a Denisovan may have looked like

Science News reports: Scientists have painted a portrait of a young female who belonged to a mysterious, humanlike population known as Denisovans around 50,000 years ago… [read more]



Archaeologists share haunting fresco from Pompeii ruins

MSN reports: The Pompeii Archaeological Park recently shared an image of a particularly haunting fresco found inside one of the site’s buildings… [read more]

This Ancient Sea Monster Could Do the Breaststroke

LiveScience reports: Gigantic ancient sea monsters –Mosasaurs– may have traveled (and terrorized) the seas using a powerful breaststroke, according to new findings… [read more]


illustration from Wikimedia Commons


Two Newly-Discovered ‘Perfect’ 3,400-year-old Egyptian Mummies To Be Restored

Ancient Origins reports: Two ancient Egyptian sarcophagi containing mummies, that are to be restored and displayed at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) in Cairo, were recently unpacked and witnessed by Khaled al-Anany, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities…[read more]

Courtesy of the Ministry of Antiquities