Secrets in the News: September

A roundup of Secrets in the News for September. Read more below for a 2,000-year-old “iPhone,” Neanderthal footprints, Ancient language translators, and more.

‘Mayan Girls’ Step Forward As Next Generation Of Translators Of An Ancient Language

WLRN Miami reports: A group of high schoolers called the Mayan Girls help translate Q’anjob’al, an indigenous language with ancient Mayan roots, for case workers in South Florida’s Guatemalan-Maya Center. … [read more]



Archaeologists Find 2,100-Year-Old ‘iPhone’ In Grave Of Woman Buried In Russian ‘Atlantis’

UNILAD reports: Archaeologists discovered a rectangular object that looks curiously like an iPhone buried with the remains of an ancient fashionista. … [read more]



Hundreds of Ancient Footprints Reveal a Snapshot of Neanderthal Family Life

Smithsonian reports: A group of 257 footprints in Normandy come from 10 to 13 people, mostly children scampering around near the beach. … [read more]


Courtesy of Creative Commons


Archaeologists may have found Biblical town linked to Ark of the Covenant

Yahoo! News reports: A 2,200-year-old fortification unearthed in Israel may be a town mentioned in the Bible – and linked to the Ark of the Covenant. … [read more]


“A Hymn” by Kevin Labianco, Creative Commons