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Roy Underhill Shares Favorite Woodworking Adventures!

With classic hand tools, American timber, and know-how from around the world, craftsman/historian Roy Underhill and his guests make everything from chairs to chests—and even the tools with which to make them. From building basic boxes to conquering complex carving, there’s always a challenge for you to enjoy on The Woodwright’s Shop! Check out what's on Roy's mind and in his shop (after 37 seasons on PBS, that's a lot to check out).

What Have You Built?

It would be great to know what sorts of things Roy has inspired you to create and how.

What Tool Does What?

Was it an adze, auger, bevel or a router plane? Roy knows and now you can know it too.

Books & Guides

Learn more about Roy's Woodwright project guides.

The Woodwright's School

See the latest schedule of courses and activities.