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Thanks for putting the writing on our walls. The American High message boards are no longer live, but check out this snapshot of what people had to say...

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Brad, I honestly don't know if you will ever even read this message, but after seeing the show tonight I felt compelled to write a message to you. I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to all of us still in the closet. I applaud your courage and I applaud your dignity and the respectful nature with which you carried yourself. Although I am still in the closet, and because of the ultra conservative town in which I live, probably will be for a while watching the show tonight and watching you brought me one step closer to "coming out." I start college in the fall and I plan to start it off on the right foot, because all the acting and the lying has gotten old and tired. So I thank you...and much respect.

My first reaction - "God, I really want to be 18 again." It was a terrible and turbulent time, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am a fan of "reality-based” TV shows - an addiction that grew from exposure to every season of MTV's The Real World. Never has any reality TV show captured 'my reality' like American High.

To all the students - you are brave and should be commended. High School is time for exploration and self-examination. To go so far as to share that with the world, well... that's plain crazy & I love you for it!

Oh, and to Brad - you make this 24 year-old Queen jealous that he didn't have your bravery, or at least your friendship while in High School. To all the other Brads reading this - be brave, honest and respectful. You will prevail!

I am a 25-year old single mother of two great girls ages 8 and 3. I caught your show last night for the first time and found it to be TERRIFIC. I think parents and kids both should enjoy this real-life documentary. It addresses issues that are of great concern to kids and should be to parents. Although I am not looking forward to these "teenage years" with my girls, it certainly brings back memories and hopefully a better understanding of what really goes on to many clueless parents. Keep up the good work.

wow! and we thought we were the only couple with major problems!!! i really can relate to Sarah and Robby its like me and my ex.. we thought everything would be so great and we are both either moving out of state or going to college.. it's really hard to deal with relationships especially when you think you are in love with that person... it seems as if they are the only important thing to you and not even school matters...well at least that is what happened to me, I was so "involved" with him I couldn't think of anything else.. but anyway you two are a great example of everyday teenage !?%$... great job and Sarah you have a great guy.. for real when they can cry in front of you and feel comfortable letting you know the true side of them you can really tell they love you.. I hope everything works out...good luck!

I look at the pierced kids at my daughter's High school and I was scared of them, scared of her ever hanging with them. But you are all so good and smart. The adults in your life (some of you) have turned your lives upside down. I can see in your faces and by your words what kind of 30-40 year olds you will be. You have so much to give!! Wow, I really cared about you all.

This is a teacher from Canada and when we received the first six episodes through a cable line last summer, A.H. disappeared and I was very interested in what happen to everyone. Many of the students at my high school loved the show too. My door and phone rang off the hook on Wednesday April 4 to tell me you guys were back on!! All of the young people are very brave, honest and are honestly giving all of North America a glimpse of the real life world of trials and tribulations of high school students everywhere. I am looking forward to seeing your year unfold, and as I understand it, you are on for a 13 episode run. I really hope there's more. Thank-you for al being so honest and awesome!

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