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Thanks for putting the writing on our walls. The American High message boards are no longer live, but check out this snapshot of what people had to say...

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I'm 19, and I've been out of High School almost two years. I live in New Orleans currently. This morning around 4 AM, I stumbled upon AH. I hate television, but your program had the ability to hold my interest. Since I grew up in an extremely small community, I was always fearful of myself. I was always very popular, but it was always a front to be accepted. I always had a strong hunger to be myself. I just wanna tell the cast that I really admire the level of boldness to be transparent before cameras and really show other teens that it's simply not a weird thing to wanna explore themselves. I don't remember who said it in the program (dance show episode) last night, but it best describes my life-paraphrased-"I know that I have a lot to offer, but fear has never let me explore my potential." Off creating my on path, Mat

I am a bit old in some ways to be watching a program about teen lives. But in the other aspect it takes me back to a time where I felt like all of them at one time or another. It saddens me however I have yet to do anything with my life being given the same opportunities as everyone else. I cheer the show and respect public television picking it up. These kids , future adults of our world, have the spirit of all impossibilities of life. Morgan by far is the greatest motivator of all the teens!!!! He emits that out of control feeling and the struggle to keep it under wraps.The kid is battling his disability that most times ends up in negative energy, and he's winning. I hope that this job he has continues to help him grow into the young man he wants to be. In some ways I felt like I didn't have a life watching this "teen" show. I realize its not just a teen show but a very real , very human show. I am disappointed that more racial diversity wasn't in the show, and also physical diversity, most of the teens seem fit and well proportioned. The reality of that is no one will ever touch on anorexia or the way publicity of models gives young women and men low self esteem. If there is an opportunity for these film makers to make another show maybe looking at the reality of Chicago kid in the city and their lives. I would however understand the .... safety concerns that would be addressed. However the kids seen really are wonderful , wonderful , examples of kids I would want to find when my 2 young daughters attend high school some day. There is truly a great electricity given off from these teens hopeful towards their futures. I hope they can give some of the other teens out there the hope to follow their dreams and challenge the world by being their own people. As I am coming up on my 30's in a few short years, I for the first time in years disappointment in my own lack of success, realise from these teens I still have a future and those dreams never die they are just sometimes put away on shelves collecting dust.

When Morgan came home on the first day of his senior year and announced he was going to be in a documentary, we decided to live our lives in front of cameras for 10 months. We didn't develope any strategy other than supporting him in his desire. Parenting him for 19 years has never been boring, has been rewarding and sometimes exhausting. There are highs and lows in every 24 hours. The stories that emerged from the vast amount of raw video footage were identified by the very dedicated editing and production people. If what was seen on t.v. was more dramatic and edgy than the quieter moments, we understand that. The filming ended last June; we will always be there for Morgan. When we watch him on film and see how his complexities attract so many other teenagers, we recognize that the best qualities we could want in a child surface along with those things that frustrate us. When I first saw some of the edited film, I was uncomfortable to see some of the nasty bits. But I knew they were real and belonged in the episodes. When I shared this with Morgan, he put it in perspective immediately. He said, "Dad, look at it this way, you took one for the team." We love this kid. Perhaps if you watch all of the episodes you will see a larger view. Whatever, we have no regrets: its an incredible piece of work, as is Morgan.
- Morgan’s dad

I am a parent of a 26 year old and a 19 year old and I hope I have been more encouraging toward my kids. We all have times where we make mistakes and I hope the episodes we saw are not typical of the parent - child relationship in some of these families. I love this show and feel some of the thoughts and emotions have not changed that much since I was a teen. We also worried about the future, thought we could not exist without our boy/girl friends and rebelled against our parents and society (those wonderful 60's and 70's). The honesty and openness of these teens make me love each one of them because they all have such special and unique qualities. Thank you for sharing!!

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