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Thanks for putting the writing on our walls. The American High message boards are no longer live, but check out this snapshot of what people had to say...

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I didn't finish high school. I got my GED instead, but after watching all of you I wish I would have got the experiences you all had. You were all great but I really liked Morgan, Allie, Brad, and Suzie.

Why didn’t they have this kind of show when I was in HS?? I am 23 and find this show to be very interesting. I am sure it helps other teenagers to at least face some of the issues they are going through. It was filmed for a year, but only has 1 1/2 months worth of shows. Is it because of all of the editing?? Anyway, I hope all you younger pre-teens and teenagers appreciate this show. It deals with real issues unlike the unrealistic shows like 90210 and Saved by the Bell. Good Job PBS.

The first time I ever watched your show was last night, and I thought it was AWESOME!!!! American High is the only form of "reality tv" out there, and I commend everyone who works on this show for achieving that. When MTV attempts to show the Real World they do it poorly. Game shows like Survivor aren't reality either. Thank you so much for just showing people as they really are. Even though I'm 14 and I probably can't understand some of the things that the students are going through, I have a sense of what my later teen years will be like because of this show. Kaytee is my favorite person on the show because I'm also into music and songwriting. I hope she does make a CD some day, because I would definitely buy it.

I just recently started watching A.H. and it really touched me that this documentary happened. I find myself wishing that the same sort of thing could have happened during my high school years, up here in Canada, because, like a few of the students on the show, life isn't all it is cracked up to be. I mean, there is no social pressure in elementary, then wham bam you get thrown into a confusing world of social disarray in Junior High, where the biggest thing is belonging, not education. I, myself, didn't belong, and cuz of that my grades really fell. And then, like the students in American High, I realized that life is not all about what social group you belong to, nor what your social status is. To me... life is being with the friends you truly love... life is being able to say, like Morgan, I was here, I did it, and god damn I had fun doing it... life, my friends, is life.....

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