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Thanks for putting the writing on our walls. The American High message boards are no longer live, but check out this snapshot of what people had to say...

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I just wanted to say that this is a really great show! I stumbled upon it channel surfing and I started watching for a few seconds and I was hooked! I really enjoyed the commentary provided by the director and producer because it provided a third party perspective of the events. I really liked the clip on Kiwi and Anna showing the progression of their relationship. I also was really touched by the exchange between Pablo and his mother. It was a very real and vulnerable argument that revealed many underlying issues.

To the producers, you've done a wonderful job with this film. Question: Why was a suburb of Chicago chosen as your location?

my mother actually dragged me out of bed to see an episode. i'm 15 and already we are experiencing similar issues. it gave us both an insight on our daily lives, what to look forward to and that we are not alone. life sometimes sucks at this age because adults just don't truly understand me.

hey! we don't have AH in England but when i was watching it in the States it was loads of fun!! I mean i can relate to most of the character and it's comforting to know that you're not the only one out there!! Thanx guys and keep smiling it gets better!! XXXX

I am now in my second year of college. Life has never been better. I love watching American High because I totally understand what these people are going through. I encountered a lot of hard obstacles in my high school career. I really don't miss anything about high school. Everyone kept telling me that high school is where you have the time of your life...I am having it right now. So, to everyone in high school who hates it...Hang in there...Life gets a whole lot better :>)

Thank you for putting on a real show!! none of that staged tv bull! and also cool music throughout the program, especially the bouncing souls theme (too bad I cant get my hands on a copy of that song)

Allie i feel so bad for you because first you had to go through all ordeal of having your parents get divorced and now you and your mom aren’t getting along. its just so sad to see someone hurting like you. When my parents got divorced i thought i was just going to die, all the hate and anger. You really are an inspiration for all kids who are going through divorces......Hold your head up high and smile..

watching american high reminds me of a few things one is how petty the concerns of high school students are and another is how many things are constantly going on in a teenagers life merely because of the fact that they interact with so many people that they know so well everyday... i must admit that i have been sucked into the show.

brad, i am not gay but u are an inspirational teen. you have so much bravery and guts. even if u weren't gay, i would still think that u are an incredible person, inside and out and so many young men need to look at you and change to fit your standards. watching you made me cry because the show helped the world see that there are great young teens out there who are strong, intelligent, open minded, caring and it doesn’t matter their sexual preference. thank you for touching my heart and the hearts of so many others.

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