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What's Inside
10 Essential Items in Your Backpack
Workout Wear Layers
Keeping a Log Book
Heart Rate Monitors
Picking the Right Walking Shoe
Using Handweights While Walking
Gear to Go

Having the right fitness gear is just another way of minimizing the barriers to exercise. How many times have beginning exercisers made the excuse, "I can't go out. I don't even have the right workout clothes"? Don't make that mistake yourself.

Check out our advice on choosing the best fitness clothing and gear. It will get you motivated, keep you safe, and help you avoid injury.

If you go on a long hike, you should always know the 10 items to have in your backpack. We'll also help you choose appropriate workout clothes to protect you from the elements.

Learn how to keep a walking log book, use a pedometer to get in your 10,000 steps per day, and pick the right walking shoe.

Plus, we'll try and end that long-standing question: should you carry hand weights while you walk?