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Personal Health & Fitness

Looking for a way to get healthy, lose weight and generally have more energy? Why not start walking! It's easy, you need no special equipment, and just thirty minutes a day can dramatically improve and extend your life. Plus, walking is often the gateway to a more active lifestyle.

To get started, kick off your walking with our quiz, and according to your results, we'll recommend a week-by-week walking program that suits your fitness level. Then find out what type of exercise personality you have. Learn the best way to warm-up before you walk and then how to stretch out your muscles afterward. And while you're improving your cardiovascular health, don't forget to supplement your walking with strengthening exercises. It will help increase your metabolism and build stronger bones and muscles.

Did you know that many fitness experts recommend that you walk 10,000 steps every day? Monitoring your daily steps with a simple pedometer can be an effective way to increase your activity level. Check out our 20% Boost Program, the realistic way to build up to 10,000 steps a day.

Perhaps your walking success will inspire to walk a marathon. We'll show you how!