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Neighborhood Walkability Quiz

What's Inside
NEW! Quick Fit 15-Minute Exercise Program
Ways to Make Your Community More Walkable
Volunteering at America's National Parks
Getting Them Walking at Work
A Call to Action

Ask yourself these questions. How often do you walk to the store as opposed to using your car? Do you know your neighbors well or do you simply wave to them as you pull your car out of your driveway? Do you feel reluctant to walk in your neighborhood due to excessive traffic, lack of sidewalks, or dangerous crosswalks?

If you find that you spend a lot more time in your car during the day rather than walking, that may not entirely be your fault. For the past century, we've turned our neighborhoods and cities from a pedestrian-based culture to a car-based culture. This rise in daily convenience has led to a more sedentary lifestyle for many Americans. Now the time has come to weave activity back into our lives and work to make our communities more pedestrian-friendly.

In this section, we ask you to take our quiz to find out if you have a walkable neighborhood. We also show you the ways to make your community a better place to walk, how to get your co-workers walking, and give you information on one of the fastest growing walking events in the country, Walk Your Child to School Day. Plus, if you want to go on vacation to one of America's National Parks, find out how you can volunteer during your visit and get a great workout at the same time.