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4 Tips for Faster Walking Technique
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4 Tips for Faster Walking Technique

  1. Stand tall. No slouch in the shoulders, forward lean from the waist, or excess sway in your back. CUE: Keep your eyes on the horizon.
  2. Focus on quicker, not longer steps. Yes, your stride does get longer as you walk faster, but that's shouldn't be your goal; let it happen naturally. Instead really concentrate on taking faster steps. CUE: Count how many steps you take in a minute; shoot for over 135.
  3. Bend your arms. Bend our elbows at a right angle so your arms can swing more quickly; target a quick, compact arm swing. CUE: Hands should trace an arc from rubbing waistband at your hip on the back swing, to chest height (no higher) in the front.
  4. Push off of your toes. Consciously push off the toes and generate as much boost at the end of each step. CUE: Feel like you're showing someone behind you the bottom of your shoe on every step.