Avoiding Armageddon
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Recent news events have added scores of new words to our everyday vocabulary and new topics to our national debate. Weapons of mass destruction, global terrorism, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. These are timely terms and topics, but they are not new. Avoiding Armageddon gives context to these issues.

In the PBS eight-hour documentary Avoiding Armageddon, these issues will be examined in-depth. Viewers will understand how the world came to the brink of Armageddon. They will learn where these weapons are located, where they might be used, who are racing to acquire them and what can be done to secure them and reduce this threat. For some, these are upsetting topics. But for everyone, knowledge is empowering.

From the Experts
In From the Experts users can read some excepts from the many world leaders and scholars, scientists and authors who were interviewed in the film. These insightful quotes are from those who have been on the frontline of the battle to avoid Armageddon, such as Colin Powell and former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, to those who have spent their lives studying some aspect of it, such as chemical and biological weapons expert Amy Smithson or nonproliferation expert Joe Cirincione.
    WMD: A Primer
An easy-to-use interactive map in the WMD: A Primer section of the site, allows users to discover what nations have nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and what effect these weapons might have if used.

Companion Book
Washington journalist and author Martin Schram has written a companion book to the series. In the Companion Book section users can read excepts from "Avoiding Armageddon" and even order this critically acclaimed book.

For those who would like to further the debate, a downloadable Discussion Guide is located in the Speak Out section of the site.

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