Avoiding Armageddon
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Recent research conducted by the Nuclear Threat Initiative found that while most people are very concerned about the issues related to weapons of mass destruction and terrorism, many feel that there is nothing that they can do to lessen these threats.

It's true that much of the work to safeguard, reduce and even eliminate nuclear, biological and chemical weapons will involve international diplomacy and national and local legislation. But it's also true that educated and engaged citizens can make a difference.

This section of the Avoiding Armageddon Web site encourages citizens to study, discuss and speak out about these issues. We hope that Avoiding Armageddon can start a national debate on these issues and have provided a downloadable Discussion Guide that can be used to facilitate constructive dialogue in schools, community centers and even in homes.

For those who would like to get involved in reducing these threats, there are also many organizations that focus on these issues. Please check the resource section in the Discussion Guide or the Resources section in the Educational Activities section.

Other features in this section include:

Global Security Simulator
Become educated about these issues by playing this engaging simulator game. In order to lower the homeland security threat you must correctly answer questions about nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.

Educational Activities
This section offers Lesson Plans and Resources for teachers, as well as online resources for parents and discussion group leaders
    Outreach Calendar
See an overview of Avoiding Armageddon events. Find a PBS Program Club near you where "Avoiding Armageddon" author Martin Schram will join community discussions.

Speak Out
Read the winning op-ed on these issues from a college journalism contest and register your opinion by answering our online Survey.

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