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Martin Schram

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From the Experts WMD: A Primer Companion Book
Avoiding Armageddon - a Must Read That goes Beyond the PBS Documentary

"Avoiding Armageddon", the companion book to the PBS series, is a must read for any world citizen who wants to understand how the world became so endangered by weapons of mass destruction and global terrorism and what must be done to control these growing threats.

Martin Schram, a Washington journalist, editor and author, draws on numerous interviews with world leaders, experts, former - and possibly future - terrorists and would-be nuclear thieves to take the reader behind the scenes to the hot spots around the globe. Impeccably researched and compellingly written, the book offers an original assessment of how the threats and solutions are intertwined-and how world leaders and citizens must act boldly to avoid Armageddon.

Companion Book
Avoiding Armageddon -- Our Future. Our Choice. Now available on VHS and DVD

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