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Biological Weapons Proliferation
World Map


  Weapons Possession

  Signed Treaty





Maintains it never possessed bioweapons
Egypt Possibly Researching No Believed to have a bioweapons program
India None Yes Conducts bioweapons defense research
Israel Possible No Believed to have biological programs
Iran Possible Yes Began developing biological weapons after Iraqi attacks in 1980s
Iraq Known Yes Has vast biological expertise, unchecked since 1998
Libya Possibly Researching Yes Has a small bioweapons research program
Pakistan None Yes Has limited biological research capabilities
North Korea Possibly Researching Yes Is thought to have biological weapons program
Russia Possible Yes Claims bioweapons stockpile destroyed, but development may continue
Sudan Possibly Researching No
Syria Possibly Researching No Rudimentary biological program
United States None Yes Is not making biological weapons, but defensive research continues
Terrorist Groups Possible No Terrorists are showing interest in acquiring biological weapons

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