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Nuclear Weapons Proliferation
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Has 400 nuclear weapons and enough material for many more
Egypt None Yes Nuclear technology but no weapons
India Known No Has a small stockpile of nuclear weapons and may have enough plutonium for 100-150 warheads
Israel Known No Possesses only nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, 100 to 200 weapons deliverable by missile or aircraft
Iran Possibly Researching Yes Building nuclear power plant with Russian help; pursuing nuclear weapons
Iraq Possibly Researching Yes Was close to having nuclear bomb in early 1990s
Libya None Yes Has tried to get nuclear weapons since 1970s
Pakistan Known No Successfully tested nuclear device in 1998; now thought to have 35-50 warheads
North Korea Possible No May have enough plutonium for one or two nuclear weapons
Russia Known Yes Is cutting deployed strategic warheads to about 2,000; also has up to 8,000 tactical nukes
Sudan None Yes
Syria None Yes Not pursuing nuclear weapons
United States Known Yes Reducing deployed strategic nuclear warheads to about 2,000; has more than 1,000 tactical nukes
Terrorist Groups Possible No Russia says it has foiled dozens of nuclear smuggling deals since the breakup of the U.S.S.R, but intelligence officials believe enough nuclear material has left Russia to make a bomb. It's also known that groups like al Qaeda have been seeking loose nukes since the mid-1990s

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