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Suzanne Arden
Executive Vice President, Ted Turner Documentaries

As Executive Vice President of both Ted Turner Documentaries (TTD) and Ted Turner Pictures (TTP), Suzanne Arden has drawn upon her nearly 20 years of leadership in the entertainment and communications industries to provide strategic vision and operational direction to the company's ambitious productions.

Before joining television legend Robert J. Wussler, who heads these new Turner enterprises, Arden served as vice president of corporate communications for AOL Time Warner. Working from their New York headquarters, she was in charge of crafting a strategy to define and implement the new brand and image of the company. This involved defining and communicating a unified corporate culture for all 86,000 employees and communicating the new brand with investors and stockholders.

Prior to the merger, Arden worked in a variety of progressively more senior positions at Time Warner. While there, she led a number of cross-divisional teams in projects that ranged from developing the brand of the new high-visibility Time Warner Centre headquarters in Manhattan's Columbus Circle to repositioning the corporate Web site to aid strategic focus and brand reinforcement.

Arden honed her communication skills in a number of venues, including a leadership role at the world-renowned ad agency Chiat/Day Advertising, a directorship at Bianchi Films as well as serving as art director at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich publishing company.

She has been able to draw upon all of these experiences in her demanding role at TTD and TTP. Since the companies were launched in early 2002, Arden has worked on the development and release of "Gods and Generals," a major motion picture, released by Warner Bros. and the eight-hour television event, "Avoiding Armageddon," which airs on PBS nationwide in April.

Ted Turner Documentary projects seek to make critical global issues accessible to a mass audience. Therefore, in addition to overseeing operations for the production of "Avoiding Armageddon," Arden has also crafted and executed a multimedia outreach effort. This includes an historic partnership with PBS and Barnes & Noble stores, where community discussion groups will discuss the issues raised in the film; the creation of a robust web site; oversight of a companion book and accompanying book tour; and sponsorship of dozens of local community events.

Arden is currently working on developing future TTD productions.

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