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Ted Turner Documentaries (TTD) combines compelling storytelling with the power of electronic media to address issues of global importance and motivate people to better the world. Believing that knowledge can turn helplessness into hopefulness, Ted Turner is committed to creating documentaries that not only inform, but also inspire people to action.

A pioneer in television and entertainment, Ted Turner is combining his business acumen and communications vision to create this new documentary company. The goal is to make critical issues of global importance accessible to everyday people around the world. Turner has tapped television legend Robert J. Wussler, former president of CBS and a co-founded of CNN, to head this new enterprise. Wussler and TTD Executive Vice President Suzanne Arden have put together a team of journalists and producers to create powerful documentaries that explore the stories behind the headlines and allow viewers to reach informed opinions.

"Avoiding Armageddon" is the premiere project from Ted Turner Documentaries. The series' extensive educational, promotional and outreach efforts will be a model for future TTD projects. The marketing, education, Web site and other grassroots activities have been designed to raise awareness of the key issues explored in the documentary. A Ted Turner Documentary production is television that empowers citizens.

Read an interview with founder Ted Turner.
Learn more about the making of "Avoiding Armageddon" from TTD President Robert J. Wussler.

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