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The Golden Door | The Art of Departure | The Earth is the Lord's | Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Episode Three: The Earth is the Lord's

Written & Produced by: David Grubin
Directed & Photographed by: David Grubin
Co-Producer: Danna Liebert
Editor: Bruce Shaw
Music: Michael Bacon
Narrator: Blair Brown
Associate Producer: Sarah Gottlieb
Assistant Editor: Don Bernier

For Penguin Television:
Executive Producers: John Hollar, Eric Jones
Project Manager: Carol Kennedy

For David Grubin Productions:
Business Manager: Chris Wolf
Office Production Assistant: Andrew Jenter
Production Executive: Bruce Mundt
Vice President: Lesley Norman
Executive Producer: David Grubin

Series Open & Animation: Rosenfeld & Bloom, Midnight Media
Sound Recording: Richard Fleming, Roger Phenix, S. Subramanian, Merce Williams
Additional Photography: James Callanan, Edward Marritz, Don Lenzer, Dorjee Tenzin
Archival Research: Sandra Adams, Joy Conley, Katy Mostoller
Fact Verification Research: Denise Dorn
Location Coordinators: India: Dorjee Tenzin, Zurich: Karin Rizzi
Production Assistants: Ariana Cohen-Halberstam, Christina Fontana, Madeleine Gelblum, Preeti Mankar, Matthew Phan, Daniel Ruetenik, Jade Snow-Carroll, Kristen Vaurio
Video Photo-Animation: Frank Ferrigno/Frame Runner, Inc.
Online Editor: Evan Anthony/Frame Runner, Inc.
Sound Editor: Neil Cedar/Sync Sound, Inc.
Re-recording Mixer: Ken Hahn/Sync Sound, Inc.
Score Preparation: James Oakar

Photo Archives: AP/Wide World Photos
Michael Sheldon / Art Resource, NY
Bonhams, London, New-York Historical Society, Royal Geographical Society, London / Bridgeman Art Library
National Park Service, Statue of Liberty National Monument
Getty images
Swiss National Museum, Zurich
Library of Congress
Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas
National Archives Photo no. 306-NT-969-49, 306-NT-969-27
Courtesy of the National Library Ireland
Lawrence H. Slaughter Collection, Map Division, The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations
Ohio Amish Library
USHMM, courtesy of Robert A Schmuhl
USHMM, courtesy of Meir orkin
USHMM, courtesy of Benjamin (Miedzyrzecki) Meed
USHMM, courtesy of Ita Majrane Mond
Yaffa Eliach Shtetl Collection
From The Archives of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, NY

Archival Film Provided by: British Film Institute, Budget Films Stock Footage, Archive Films by Getty Images / Image Bank Films by Getty Images, Heritage Productions, ITN / Reuters, The Meridien Trust & Tibet Information, Network, National Archives and Records Administration—Special Media Archives Services Division, National Center for Jewish Film, at Brandeis University, Sichuan Electronic Publishing Center of Audion and Video Product, Stock Footage Courtesy The WPA Film Library

Special Thanks: Robbie Barnett, Bellevue/NYU Survivors of Torture Clinic, The Jewel Heart Foundation, Yaffa Eliach, Joshua Halberstam, Fried Frank LLP, Hans Herr Museum, Mennonite Publishing Network, Piamenta Band, John Ruth, John Sharp, Swiss Reformed Church of Zurich, The Tibetan Children's Village

Advisors: John Edward Bodnar, Roger Daniels, Walter Nugent, David M. Reimers, Bernard A. Weisberger
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The Golden Door | The Art of Departure | The Earth is the Lord's | Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Sources: Immigrants on ship-Courtesy National Park Service, Series: Destination America

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