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The Golden Door | The Art of Departure | The Earth is the Lord's | Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Episode Four: Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Written, Produced and Directed by: Chana Gazit
Editor: David Steward
Co-Producer: Alexandria Dionne
Music: Michael Bacon
Narrator: Blair Brown
Directors of Photography: Erich Roland, Joel Shapiro
Archivist: Kristina Cafarella
Research/Location Managers: Benjamin Weiner-Guatemala, Ernesto Milani-Italy
Associate Editor: Chris Guido
Additional Archival Research: Joy Conley, Audra Epstein, Sarah Hadley

For Penguin Television:
Executive Producers: John Hollar, Eric Jones
Project Manager: Carol Kennedy

For David Grubin Productions:
Business Manager: Chris Wolf
Office Production Assistant: Andrew Jenter
Production Executive: Bruce Mundt
Vice President: Lesley Norman
Executive Producer: David Grubin

Series Open & Animation: Rosenfeld & Bloom, Midnight Media, Michael Fischbeck, Animator
Additional Photography: Benjamin Wolf
Sound Recording: John Haptas, Leonard Schmitz, Bernard Russo
Grips: Andrew Eckmann, Chris Gorman, Claudio Vasquez
Fixer: Catherine Ventura
Translators: Carla Patricia Caxaj Alvarez, Illiam Carrillo, Sarita Groisser, Catherine Ventura
Production Assistants: Diana Louisa Newmark, Meera Vijayan
Location Assistants: Leo Lorusso, John Tim Holland, Olivia Magdalena Santiago Ceto, Maria Ceto
Assistant Editors: Stacey Douglass, Stefan Knerrich
Intern: Yetnayet Aberra
Video Photo-Animation: Frank Ferrigno/Frame Runner, Inc.
Online Editor: Evan Anthony/Frame Runner, Inc.
Re-recording Mixer: Ken Hahn/Sync Sound, Inc.
Supervising Sound Editor: Neil Cedar/Sync Sound, Inc.
Sound Editor: Philippe Desloovere/Sync Sound, Inc.
Score Preparation: James Oakar

Archival Photos: Mahnaz Afhkami and Farah Ebrahimi, Alinari/Art Resource, NY, AP Wide World Photos, Bettmann/CORBIS, Chicago Historical Society, Denver Public Library, Getty Images/Hulton Archive, Museo Storico Civico, Cuggionese, St. Clair Historical Museum, Christine Spengler/CORBIS, David Turnley/CORBIS

Archival Film: ABC News VideoSource, Archive Films by Getty Images, CBS News, Courtesy of BBC Motion Gallery, Fox Movietone News, Inc., Historic Films, Image Bank Films by Getty Images, ITN Archive/Reuters, Library of Congress, National Archives, NBC News Archives, When the Mountains Tremble: Footage Courtesy of Skylight Pictures

Music: "Avaz of Bayate Esfahan" by Mohamad Heydari from 'Classical Music of Iran, The Dastgah Systems,' Smithsonian Folkways SF 40039, provided courtesy of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. © 1991. Used by permission.

Special Thanks: Oreste Magni, Ecoistituto della Valle del Ticino, Sisters of the Presentation, Mujeres Unidas, Byron de Leon Cortes, Pedro Pu Gomez, Carlos Enrique Diaz Merino, Cesar Merino, Amilcar Mendez Urizar, Yolanda Aguilar, Tierra Viva

The University of Wisconsin Press-Rosa: The Life of an Italian Immigrant by Marie Hall Ets, 2nd Edition. (Madison)

Dr. Rudolph Vecoli and the Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota

"Maestrapeace Mural," San Francisco Women's Building 1995, Juana Alicia, Miranda Bergman, Edythe Boone, Susan K. Cervantes, Meera Desai, Yvonne Littleton and Irene Perez. All Rights Reserved.

Advisors: John Edward Bodnar, Roger Daniels, Walter Nugent, David M. Reimers, Bernard A. Weisberger

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The Golden Door | The Art of Departure | The Earth is the Lord's | Breaking Free: A Woman's Journey

Sources: Immigrants on ship-Courtesy National Park Service, Series: Destination America

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