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1754 - 1821

1754 — Anthony Henday follows Saskatchewan River inland, becoming the first white man to see the Rockies.

1756 — Seven Years' War begins between England and France.

1763 —Treaty of Paris ends the Seven Years' War. The French government withdraws from Quebec.

1774 — Samuel Hearne builds the first inland Hudson's Bay Company post at Cumberland House.

1782 — Fort Prince of Wales is captured and destroyed by France's Admiral La Pelouse. Hearne is taken prisoner. York Factory surrenders to the French.

1793Alexander MacKenzie begins his expedition through the Rockies to the Pacific.

1804 — U.S. President Thomas Jefferson dispatches Lewis and Clark expedition to Pacific Coast.

1812 — U.S. declares war on Britain and closes border.

1814 — Treaty of Ghent defines border between U.S. and British North America.

1821 — British Parliament grants the HBC 21-year monopoly over fur trade in British North America west of Upper Canada. HBC controls 3 million square miles of land. George Simpson appointed HBC governor; he serves until 1856.


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