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Medici Home Turning Points
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Lorenzo's Era: 1452 - 1498
1452: Leonardo da Vinci born
Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise unveiled
Savonarola born

1453: Constantinople falls to invading Ottoman Turks
Giuliano de'Medici born

1455: Donatello carves Penitent Mary Magdalene

1459: Gozzoli begins Medici chapel frescoes

1464: Cosimo il Vecchio dies; Piero il Gottoso takes over

1465: Botticelli apprenticed to Filippo Lippi

1466: Lorenzo de'Medici foils plot against his father

1468: Lorenzo de'Medici marries Clarice Orsini

1469: Piero il Gottoso dies; Lorenzo de'Medici takes over
Flippo Lippi dies

1470: Leonardo starts working for Andrea del Verrocchio

1472: Verrocchio begins Baptism of Christ

1473: Medici bank beginning to lose money

1475: Giovanni de'Medici born
Michelangelo born
Botticelli paints Adoration of the Magi
Savonarola runs away from home to join a monastery

1478: Pazzi conspiracy - Lorenzo's brother Giuliano murdered in brutal Easter Sunday attack Allies of the Pazzi, including Pope Sixtus IV declare war on Florence after Lorenzo murders Pazzi
Giulio de'Medici born
Botticelli paints Primavera

1480: Lorenzo strikes deal with King of Naples and returns to Florence as il Magnifico

1481: Leonardo da Vinci leaves Florence to work for the Duke of Milan

1482: Savonarola arrives in Florence, begins preaching against the Medici

: Martin Luther born

1485: Botticelli paints Birth of Venus

1487: Lorenzo's wife, Clarice, dies

1488: Michelangelo's talent is noticed by Lorenzo

1489: Giovanni de'Medici made Cardinal

1490: Savonarola preaches inside Florence Cathedral

1491: Savonarola made Prior of San Marco

1492: Christopher Columbus lands in the New World
Lorenzo de'Medici dies

1494: Charles VIII invades Italy
Florence: Medici expelled , Michelangelo flees, Savonarola seizes control

1497: Savonarola excommunicated; initiates the Bonfire of the Vanities

1498: Piero Soderini revives the Republic of Florence
Machiavelli begins working for Signoria
Savonarola executed

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