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Cosimo's Era: 1401 - 1450
1401: Ghiberti lands commission for Baptistry doors

1402: Giovanni di Bicci elected Prior of Florence for first time
Baldassare Cossa made a Cardinal

1404: Donatello begins working for Ghiberti

1406: Filippo Lippi born

1410: Baladassare Cossa elected Pope John XXIII with the financial help of the Medici

1412: Medici family made official Papal bankers

1415: Henry V of England wins famous battle of Agincourt
Jan Hus questions the authority of multiple claimants to papacy and is burned at the stake. Baldassare Cossa deposed from papacy, flees to Florence

1416: Piero de'Medici born

1418: Brunelleschi, the Renaissance's premiere engineer, starts work on Church of San Lorenzo

1419: Brunelleschi begins work on Ospedale degli Innocenti Donatello unveils tomb of Baldassare Cossa
Baldassare Cossa, the Pope who fled, dies in Florence

1420: Brunelleschi commissioned to erect the dome of Florence Cathedral

1421: Giovanni di Bicci elected Gonfaloniere, head of state in Florence

1424: Goldsmith and artist, Ghiberti's first set of baptistry doors unveiled

1425: Ghiberti starts his second set of baptistry doors

1427: Medici list 31 family branches in city tax return

1429: Giovanni di Bicci dies
Led by Albizzi, Florence declares war on Lucca
Brunelleschi unveils tomb of Giovanni di Bicci, San Lorenzo

1430: Plague in Florence

1433: Disastrous war with Lucca ends in defeat for Florence.
Cosimo de'Medici banished from Florence by the Albizzi family: a public vote banishes him for 10 years

1434: The Albizzi family collapse after making war against Duke of Milan
Pope Eugenius IV demands Cosimo return from exile

1436: Brunelleschi's dome complete

1437: Cosimo opens world's first public library at San Marco

1439: Council of Florence: leads to a temporary union of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches

1440: Florentine victory over Milan at Battle of Anghiari.

1445: Botticelli born

1446: Donatello unveils David
Brunelleschi dies

1449: Lorenzo de'Medici born

1450: Cosimo's friend, Francesco Sforza, becomes Duke of Milan
Johannes Gutenburg publishes the first printed book - the Bible

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