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Phase 7: The Last of the Medici
1723: Cosimo III dies; succeeded by his decadent son Gian Gastone

1737: Gian Gastone dies, succeeded by his childless, widowed sister, Anna Maria Luisa - the last of the Medici

1743: Anna Maria Luisa dies. According to her will, Florence is inherited by the Lorraine dynasty - but all the treasures of the Renaissance stay inside Florence

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Giovanni's Era: 1360-1400

Cosimo's Era: 1401 - 1450

Lorenzo's Era: 1452 - 1498

Medici Popes' Era: 1501 - 1534

Cosimo I's Era: 1537 - 1574

Ferdinando II's Era: 1581 - 1687

The Last of the Medici: 1723 - 1743