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Medici Popes' Era: 1501 - 1534
1501: Michelangelo returns to Florence to carve David

1503: Medici cousins - Giovanni and Giulio - arrive in Rome
David unveiled outside Palazzo Vecchio

1504: Michelangelo and Leonardo design competing frescoes

1505: Luther enters Erfurt monastery

1507: Michelangelo paints Doni Tondo

1508: Julius II launches Papal Wars
Michelangelo begins Sistine Chapel

1510: Allessandro de'Medici born
Botticelli dies

1511: Giorgio Vasari born

1512: Sack of Prato
Machiavelli exiled
Luther made Professor of Theology at Wittenberg University

1513: Giovanni de'Medici elected Pope Leo X
Machiavelli writes The Prince

1514: Giulio de'Medici made a cardinal

1515: Leo X unveils a "jubilee sale" of Papal Indulgences

1516: Conspiracy against Leo X

1517: Martin Luther publishes 95 Theses

1519: Catherine de'Medici born
Cosimo de'Medici born
Leonardo da Vinci dies in France
Michelangelo begins work on Medici tombs

1520: Martin Luther excommunicated

1521: Leo X dies
Luther resists pressure to recant and is kidnapped by his protector, Frederick the Wise

1522: Luther returns home, continues to write

1523: Giulio de'Medici elected Pope Clement VII

1525: Luther marries

1526: Henry VIII of England asks Pope Clement for a divorce
Giovanni dalle Bande Nere killed in action

1527: Sack of Rome
Medici expelled from Florence
Michelangelo's David broken

1529: The "Protestation" of German followers of Luther is published, coining the term "Protestant"

1530: Siege of Florence ends, Alessandro de'Medici made Duke of Florence

1534: Catherine de'Medici marries Prince Henri of France
Clement VII dies
Michelangelo begins the Last Judgement
The Church of England breaks away from the Papacy
Luther publishes a German Bible

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