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Rough Cut: Guatemala: In the Shadow of the Raid
Further Reading
More coverage on the Postville raid, and other immigration stories.

After Immigrant Raid, Iowans Ask Why
Time reporter Betsy Rubiner describes the impact of the raid on churches, schools, businesses and families in Postville. Many residents compared the raid to a man-made disaster that has devastated their community.

Postville, Iowa ICE Raid
This YouTube video from Iowa's Channel 13 follows events on the day of the immigration raid. Amid scenes of confusion, Postville residents give their first reactions as hundreds of undocumented workers are arrested.

FRONTLINE/World Immigration Stories

Mexico: Crimes at the Border
FRONTLINE/World with The New York Times investigate the rapidly expanding business of smuggling humans across the U.S.-Mexican border. Correspondents Lowell Bergman and Andrew Becker report on the dramatic story of an American border guard tempted by money and sexual favors to join a smuggling operation, and examine the U.S. government's border security and immigration policies.

Mexico: A Death in the Desert

Reporter Claudine LoMonaco retraces the journey of Matias Garcia, a chili pepper farmer from a small Zapotec Indian village in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, who crossed the border looking for work and died in the Arizona desert.

Italy: One-Way Ticket to Europe
Escaping either conflict or poverty, dozens of African immigrants set out daily from the North African coast to the small Italian island of Lampedusa with the hopes of a better life on European soil. Ariana Reguzzoni and Italian native Diana Ferrero provide an unsettling glimpse of life for many new immigrants -- often lived in the shadows of their adopted country -- and the strain their arrival puts on this small holiday island.

Chicago: Little Mexico
Elvira Arellano is an illegal Mexican immigrant living in Chicago with a deportation order -- and a 7-year-old American-born son. As a first-generation Polish immigrant who lived in Chicago for nearly 25 years, reporter Marian Marzynski brings a unique perspective to the story of migration to the United States, interweaving Arelleno's story with Chicago's history as an immigrant city.