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Hemingway vacationed frequently in Idaho before moving there after Castro took over Cuba in 1958.


In November 1930, when Archie MacLeish flew out to Montana to see his friend Ernest hospitalized in Billings after a serious car crash, it took him two days to get there and he called it "the most hair raising flight of my life."

My first trip to Montana is not much better. Huge thunderstorms in the Mid-West empty the clouds and fill the airports, and by the time we reach Bozeman there is snow on the ground and hardly a room to be had because of parents' weekend at the university.

Shortly before his death, Hemingway penned a 10,000 word article for Life magazine about the Ordonez/Dominguin mano a mano bullfights in Spain in 1959. It later appeared in book form as "The Dangerous Summer" in 1985.

Photo credit: Princeton Library. Text excerpt: "Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure" by Michael Palin © Michael Palin, 1999 Used with permission of Cassell & Company. Buy the book in the Palin Store.