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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Sensible Thing
Delve into the relationship of Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald at this literary site.

Culture Shock: James Joyce's "Ulysses"
James Joyce was a member of the lost generation crowd, although he was an Irish expatriate, not an American. In 1922, his book Ulysses was published by Shakespeare & Co. owner Sylvia Beach and caused a stir. Read about it on this site.


American Photography: Photography and War
Hemingway, like most veterans and volunteers who experienced battle firsthand, had a hard time getting over the atrocities he witnessed during his tour on the Austro-Italian border during World War I. This site explores the issues of combat photography, censorship and the right of the public to know the truth.

Cucina Amore
Hemingway enjoyed food wherever he traveled and interspersed with tales of love and war in a A Farewell to Arms was the amazing food of Italy. Pick up some tips from these talented chefs.


Treasures of the World: Guernica
Hemingway got to know Picasso while living in Paris in the 1920s. Explore one of Picasso's greatest masterpieces, Guernica, and learn about the Spanish Civil War, which Hemingway covered as a journalist.

The Battle Over Citizen Kane
Hemingway had a run in with Orson Welles during the making of "Spanish Earth," his film about the Spanish Civil War. Welles was hired to narrate the film, but Hemingway ended up doing the voice overs himself. Find out more about Welles and check out his impressive filmography.

Key West

Secrets of the Ocean Realm
All you ever wanted to know about the creatures of the sea


Wonders of the African World with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Learn more about the history and culture of Africa on this comprehensive site.


Adventure Divas: Cuba
This PBS series features women in search of a little adventure of their own. This episode brings them to Cuba. Get to know more about the political and cultural situation in Cuba today.

Extraordinary Cats
If you're a cat lover or you were just intrigued by Hemingway's legendary six-toed cats, you'll find more interesting cat tales at this feline site.

NOVA: Shark Attack!
In The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago lost his amazing catch to the sharks of the Caribbean. Get the facts on sharks here-everything from how they give birth to when they first appeared on Earth.

Nature: The Secret World of Sharks and Rays
Not all sharks are sleek killing machines and some only live to be one foot long. Get the scoop on shark diving, a new type of excursion that's attracting adventurous travelers.

NOVA: Island of the Sharks
Costa Rica's Cocos Island boasts more sharks per cubic yard of water than perhaps any other place on the planet. Join underwater filmmakers as they dive into this shark-infested paradise to shoot an IMAX large-format film.

American West

Going Places: Wild West
Plan your next vacation with Al Roker who is hot on the trail of great western legends like Wyatt Earp. Discover the origins of dude ranching and meet a family of ranchers who host forty eight city slickers each week.


PBS ONLINE Travel and Expeditions Neighborhood
See all that PBS ONLINE has to offer in the way of adventure, travel and exploration.

Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers
Literature buffs and poetry fans will enjoy this virtual poetry reading. Grab a cup of coffee, lean back in your chair and listen to these talented poets read from their works.

Outside Web Links

There are a lot of websites on the Internet dedicated to Ernest Hemingway. We've gone through them and picked our favorites which appear below.

Picturing Hemingway: A Writer In His Time

This photograph- and art-driven chronology of Hemingway's life and works is an online exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery.

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park

Take a virtual tour of Hemingway's birthplace at 339 N. Oak Park Avenue.

Ernest Hemingway Collection at John F. Kennedy Library

This site offers links to a brief biography and the story of how so many of Hemingway's possessions ended up at the JFK Library (both by Meghan Floyd Desnoyers) and a downloadable book entitled "Hemingway's Readings: An Inventory" by Hemingway biographer Michael Reynolds that attempts to catalog Hemingway's voracious reading habits. A Hemingway Retrospective

See if you can guess who said what about Hemingway in the engaging "Who Said That?" game. Go here for a Hemingway family tree, TIME articles about Hemingway through the years including a review of "The Sun Also Rises" in 1926 and a handy festival finder so you can plan your next vacation.

The Kansas City Star Hemingway Page

Read some stories written by this newspaper's most famous cub reporter, especially our favorite " Kerensky, The Fighting Flea."

The New York Times Book Review: Ernest Hemingway

Read some of Hemingway's dispatches from Spain during the Spanish Civil War that were published in the New York Times in 1937 and interviews with Papa conducted in 1937, 1940, 1952 and 1954.

The Hemingway Society

This international organization studies Hemingway's works and publishes The Hemingway Journal, a biannual scholarly journal.

The Lost Generation: Ernest Hemingway

Part of The Lost Generation website, this page has some great information and more links to other niche Hemingway sites around the Internet.

San Fermín

Your complete guide to the San Fermín Festival, more popularly known as "Pamplona's Running of the Bulls." Check out pictures of past festivals, a map of the city and new traditions that have recently taken hold during the 8-day party.

Literary Traveler: Ernest Hemingway Places

This travel webzine proclaims Hemingway one of the world's ultimate literary travelers. The articles here make connections between the places Hemingway visited and lived and the books he wrote.

Hemingway Days Festival

Marlin fishing, arm wrestling and the look-alike contest are once again on tap for this famous festival celebrating its 20th year in existence this July.