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Delilah Loud I'm just so proud to be his sister. ...It's strange because as tight as the family is, we haven't lost anybody until we lost Lance. We had no preparation for it. We kept thinking we'd get Lance through the holidays and we kept really positive and certainly did everything we could but there is no dress rehearsal for this and that's the hole in your heart that you go through when you realize he's gone and you don't have the crazy phone calls anymore.

You just feel this tremendous void and certain brilliance in our universe and our family that's just a little bit dimmer....I think that Lance taught us passion for family, for the arts, for music. That was so much his dynamic. He's my oldest brother but really he's my youngest brother. Lance was proud to be a Loud. It was just very naturally who he was. He might have dressed it up a little bit more in 1973 and toned it down in 1993 but I just think he was just very proud of who he was and who his family was.

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by Susan Raymond on January 26, 2002, after Lance's memorial service.


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