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Kevin Loud
I'm gonna remember him as a guy who lived a full life, a guy that had an enjoyable life, did a lot of things for a lot of people and I will miss him.

I saw Lance play with The Mumps several times. I saw him at CBGB's, he was playing with Blondie and the Ramones and all those folks. I always went to see his concert[s]. I think that they were ahead of their times. They had a good following but they didn't have a really strong following as I think they would have had later on. I think they just were ahead of their time by several years. That band meant a lot to him and he had a wonderful time doing the whole thing. My kids are gonna miss his Mumps music.

I don't think you can be around Lance Loud without learning some things. Lance was totally uninhibited about anything. I mean it's just amazing to me looking back at it. Here's this kid in Santa Barbara and he comes out at what, nineteen, twenty years old and moves to New York. He didn't hold anything back in doing what he wanted to do and not be curtailed by social convention. I think he sees a lot of stuff as hypocrisy, as ridiculous constraints people put upon themselves. Lance, I think rightfully, saw that the only constraint is the one you put upon yourself so he did what he wanted to do.

Lance was a very true person. I think regardless of his sexual preference, I think the fact that he was a very true person in his thoughts and actions. He was a wonderful guy. I didn't think it was appropriate to typecast him his whole life, like a lot of people would do.

I'm gonna miss Lance. I don't think there'll ever be another Lance Loud for quite a while.

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by Susan Raymond on January 26, 2002, after Lance's memorial service.


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