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Rufus Wainwright
Probably the main way that he influenced me is that like a young, gay, boulevardier kind of person, Lance was a real example of the best things to do and the worst things to do. I think Lance was always very concerned that I take care of myself and that I don't necessarily do a lot of things that he did, just like with drugs and he counseled me a little. He was very concerned that I'd make it and that I take care of myself and that I don't become as much of a martyr as he was at times.

He encouraged me constantly with my music and supported me but he also always kept a certain part of his life hidden from me because he didn't want me to necessarily go in that direction. I think he just wanted to protect me in a lot of ways which helped me through living in L.A. cause there's a lot of pitfalls in this town. He was a great example of someone who maintains that familial love. His relationship with his mother is very similar to my relationship with my mother. I could really relate to him going back to her because I go back to my mother often.

He would always say about me to other people, he'd say, "Oh, Rufus is like I was but he's a lot smarter and he's a lot more together." I don't know if that's true or not but I just think he really wanted me to succeed so badly perhaps for some of the things that he didn't succeed in his life in a way.

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by Susan Raymond on January 26, 2002, after Lance's memorial service.


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