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Ann Magnuson
When you're friends with Lance, you kind of weave in and out of his life but I met him in 1978 when I got to New York City and was hanging out at CBGB's. I really think that Lance was responsible for getting me to New York because I watched An American Family alone in the kitchen and none of my other family members were interested in it, and I was fascinated, as everybody my age was, by Lance and I really think that's what got me there. I immediately started hanging out at all the clubs that he hung out in, and I wanted to go to the places that I'd seen on television. I met Kristian [Hoffman] and started going to The Mumps shows too.

You know, I honestly can't remember the exact moment but I know I was dazzled, I was just this little hick from West Virginia and I was meeting a celebrity, an icon, somebody who had made it. And he was so inspiring and just listening to the eulogies reminds me of what a joy for life he had and how I really want to honor that and remember it and try to live up to what he meant to all of us.

This is an excerpt of an interview conducted by Susan Raymond on January 26, 2002, after Lance's memorial service.


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