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  Are you having trouble balancing work and family? This week in our "Digital Lunchroom" web visitors are talking about walking the shaky line between making a life and making a living!

What People are Saying

This off-beat and often uplifting series of specials looks with uncommon humor and grace at a wide-ranging and vivid group of real people.
--The Wall Street Journal

PBS' Livelyhood series is full of hope. One of the most inspiring hours of television this year.
--Aaron Barnhart, The Kansas City Star

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The Workday that Wouldn't die...

It's a 24-7 world, and more Americans are working non-traditional hours, including the night shift. Will Durst stays up all night and discovers that white collar employees are actually driving up the nocturnal population. Are we ready for a round-the-clock work world?

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LIVELYHOOD is more than just great television!

This eight part series of PBS specials are designed to encourage a dialogue in classrooms, boardrooms, lunchrooms, and libraries about how companies, communities, and co-workers can find new ways to cope with the rapidly changing workplace. These videos are brought to you by The Working Group.