Livelyhood is a public television series about work life and it's relationship to our families, communities and the larger questions the country faces as the economy shifts at light speed.

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What People are Saying

Thanks so much for your program! I am a working mom with two small children. There are so few television programs that speak so directly to the struggles I am experiencing in trying to set priorities and live somewhat sanely. Keep up the good work.

It seems we forget amidst the onslaught of negative news, that this country is composed by a majority who are proud of their work, visionary, and don't know the meaning of the word quit...Kudos to the CEO who has publicly pronounced that the "Customer takes second place." Seems to me its a simple philosophy that has taken a back seat to the drive for customer satisfaction. A long time ago I learned, that if your employees are happy and free to be creative, the by product is a satisfied customer and booming business.

Caught your show and thoroughly enjoyed it! Currently my husband and I are making an effort on a business opportunity, so this program really hit home! After many years in the business world and my husband's career ending with a company 5 years ago, we, like many, feel the need to take control of our own destiny and seek some type of security within it!

"Good job!" As a recent downsizee, who is trying to use the "opportunity" to get off the rat race's treadmill (and still enjoy life), I can verify that the world of working has really changed. And, though we might end up doing well despite the changes, the changes in and of themselves are not always good, motivated as they are by such a short-sighted views of life on the part of many business-managers ("Life as seen by the quarterly statements"). We've gone from building something for the future to building something that looks good for the next three months...

Wowzers! I am impressed. My dad and I just watched the show. The show was great. It is something really unique...a serious topic, but hosted by a comedian. I have been in the doldrums of searching for a job and pondering my career options for several months, and I found the program to be encouraging and entertaining. It's good to see these things presented in a lighthearted, optimistic fashion. And it's very interesting to see into different ways of work like that. They should can my old high school guidance counselor and his ilk and show that video to the youth of America instead.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show. The positive attitude and humor of the people proves "real" people are more entertaining than most entertainers! Also, Will Durst is one of the most skilled interviewers I have seen in a long time. He really has a knack for putting people at ease and getting to the heart of the matter. Thanks for making my Friday night!

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