Manor House
"It is not seemly for the Family to concern itself with the Servants' areas of the House" House Rules
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
Photograph of Sir John and Lady Olliff-Cooper

Lady Oliff-Cooper and Sir John - in real life a casualty doctor and a business man

Sir John loves his afternoons fishing on the lake
The scullery maid spends her afternoons washing the pots and pans after lunch
"I miss my mum, and my sister. My skin's coming up in blotches, and I don't get on with the chef. I don't know if I can hack it. I need a bath, my hair feels all icky..."
Lucy, scullery maid
Edwardian Life:
Advice for the Masters

An Owner's Guide to life in Manderston House

There is a calendar of traditional events and pasttimes associated with Manderston and country house living, of which you should be aware.

  • As a successful family you would be expected to advance your prospects through the hosting of social events. Accordingly, a Political Dinner has been arranged to which an appropriate mix of politicians and personal acquaintances should be invited.

  • An annual fete is hosted every year at Manderston by the Master and Mistress.

  • A Shooting Party is to take place, which may last several days. It will commence with the Master hosting a shoot but may involve many other activities.

  • An annual Fancy Dress Ball is hosted at Manderston every Autumn by the Master and Mistress. This year it will be on the theme of the British Empire.

  • Improved transport facilities across Britain are making Country House visiting increasing popular with members of the public. In accordance with the tradition of the Old Houses, your gardens are available for them to view during the course of your residency. However access inside the house is at your discretion.

  • Lessons in Piano, Singing, Lawn Tennis, Riding and Carriage-driving can be arranged through the Butler.

  • Manderston has a tandem and two adult bicycles for your usage.

  • The household accounts are managed entirely by your Butler and Housekeeper, but as Master and Mistress, you may take a more active role. This is left to your prerogative.

  • It is well to warn you that it is not uncommon for Housekeepers and Butlers to supplement their income by receiving contributions from suppliers to the house. In this practice, commonly known as "Mark up", the supplier inflates the cost of goods at the Master's expense and shares the purloined sum with the servant in question. The amounts in question are of little consequence and some Masters are unconcerned by such practice, yet others demand surprise inspections of Accounts.

  • The children of the Family are the only members of the Household who can move freely above and below stairs. Should the Mistress feel it necessary to inspect the Kitchens, she should do so by prior arrangement with the Butler. Beyond this, it is not seemly for the Family to concern itself with such areas of the House and Servants may regard visits as an affront to their privacy.

  • It is customary for younger children to live a very independent life from their parents. Only eating Luncheon with their Family, and taking all other meals in the School Room, perhaps with their Tutor or Nanny.

  • A reputation for Moral Fortitude is essential for any decent Family. Accordingly, the Master and Mistress should ensure chaperones are always present in meetings of all adult unmarried members of the opposite sex. Failure to adhere to this would reflect very poorly on yourself and the entire Household.

  • The Household will have three collections and deliveries of post per day. Mail should be given directly to the Butler.

  • Should any member of the Household require a Doctor, one can be contacted through the Butler.

  • Reverend Donald Gaddis is your local clergyman. He holds services at the Parish Church of Edrom and expects the household to attend every Sunday. This is at the Master's discretion.

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