Manor House Sir John Olliff-Cooper
"I really don't have problem with having servants...if I'm not being served, they don't have a job."
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
Sir John Olliff-Cooper

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John: On Entering the House

Sir John's Day

The Master and Mistress of Manderston
The Master and Mistress of Manderston

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How to Treat your Servants

The People: John Olliff-Cooper

Edwardian Role: Sir John Olliff-Cooper
Age: 56
Home: New Forest
Occupation: Self-employed Business Manager

Life before Manor House
John, a former Lloyds Name, has run a successful flooring business for thirty years. As an employer and manager in the modern world, John's family have described him as an 'autocratic personality' and believe he will easily adapt to the role of Master of the House.

John sails Edwardian yachts every August at Cowes and is a passionate angler, with membership to The Sheringham Society, an association of anglers dedicated to fishing in the Edwardian style. He restores antique rods as relaxation and writes features on travel and fishing.

John is a keen shot, and is looking forward to being measured for a pair of shotguns as well as visiting his London rod-maker to specify a definitive Edwardian trout rod. John has been married to Anna for eleven years. Their son Guy will celebrate his tenth birthday in the house.John says: "In my egalitarian, politically-correct present, I'm pleased enough to receive politeness and civility from others, so I just wonder how uncomfortable I shall feel when confronted by Edwardian servility."

Life in Manor House
John is the head of the household, holds the place of highest honour and has the position with the greatest responsibility both to the Family, Staff and local community. The Rule Book states:
"You are the determining authority over all matters in the Household, and your word should be respected as final."

"The Servants are engaged in your name, and you are the legal representative of your Family, as such you should ensure that no one's conduct reflects unfavourably upon your good name. After all, you are a recent arrival to this part of the country, and have a reputation to build. Your Servants will want you to be successful in this, as your status is now a direct reflection upon theirs. You must always be aware that your conduct sets the tone of the rest of the Household, and all should be set an example to follow. You should be strong and reasonable, so that you can maintain authority."

"Having made your fortune as a carpet merchant and in other related industries, you had Manderston erected as your Country Seat upon being bestowed the title of Baronet. It is built to be a source of pleasure for your Family and Guests, not as a full working estate."


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