Manor House
"The family: if you meet a Lower Servant, walk past, leaving them un-noticed... you will spare them the shame of explaining their presence" House Rules
Photograph of Sir John and Lady Oliff-Cooper

The Master and Mistress of the House are under huge social pressure to conform to the rules of Edwardian etiquette

Photograph of servants praying

All servants must attend prayers in the hall every morning

Photograph of Becky sweeping

A housemaid's work is never done

If by chance you meet a Lower Servant, you should walk past, leaving them un-noticed... you will spare them the shame of explaining their presence
Lower Servants: if you meet one of your betters in the house, endeavour to make yourself invisible – 'give room', turn your back, and avert your eyes
"I really don't have problem with having servants...if I'm not being served, they don't have a job. This is absolutely magnificent. I'm enjoying it."
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
About the Series:
The House Rules

Every aspect of life in Manor House is governed by the House Rules - a set of commands based on manuals of the day. Each member of the house is provided with their own personal rule book.

Upstairs, the family's life is governed by social etiquette and the need to be seen to worthy of their position in society, while downstairs the servants have strict codes of conduct which they cannot breach without fear of reprimand - it is the butler's responsibility to ensure that the rules are obeyed.


General Advice For The Family
Advice for the Master and Mistress
How to Treat your Servants
Advice for an Edwardian Lady
Family Mealtimes

Family Daily Routines
Sir John Olliff-Cooper
Lady Olliff-Cooper
Mr Jonathan, eldest son
Master Guy, youngest son
Miss Anson, Lady Oliff-Cooper's sister


General Rules For Servants
Servants' Rules
How to Address the Family
Servants' Mealtimes

Servants' Individual Duties
Mr Edgar, butler
Mrs Davies, housekeeper
M Dubiard, chef de cuisine
Miss Morrison, Lady's Maid
Charlie, first footman
Rob, second footman
Tristan, groom
Kenny, hallboy
Becky, first housemaid
Jess and Erika, second and third housemaids
Antonia, kitchen maid
Lucy, scullery maid
Kelly, scullery maid
Ellen, scullery maid



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