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Vowing that the power of love will always defeat hatred

June 13, 2016 at 6:25 PM EDT

JUDY WOODRUFF: We close now with a look at the vigils and memorials that have taken place around the country to show solidarity with the victims in Orlando.

WOMAN: Tonight, we come together in an act of unity and an act of love to stand as one voice, one people, and one unit of faith, and one prayer, and join in our hearts together with the victims, with the families, the friends, the loved ones. It breaks out hearts, and that is why we have all gathered here.

WOMAN: Every couple of months, it feels like some other group is targeted, a black church, a school, a gay club. And the world we live in is filled with intimate and tragic moments of pain and hatred and violence. We don’t always know how to respond.

WOMAN: Fifty people who I didn’t know, but were part of my community, were killed. And they were killed for exact reasons that I could be killed or my congregation could be killed or people I love.

WOMAN: We are one people who share the bond of humanity and the shared values of the sanctity of life and the freedom to live as we see fit. We reject your hatred, and we assert our love.

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On Tuesday, we will look at a controversial program to combat violent extremism born here at home and abroad.

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