Regarding Miles O’Brien’s ‘new reality’

BY News Desk  February 26, 2014 at 4:33 PM EDT
Miles O'brien

Miles O’Brien on a Google Hangout with the crew of the International Space Station in Feb., 2013.

Yesterday, we learned that Miles O’Brien, our science correspondent, suffered an injury that resulted in the emergency amputation of his left arm. Miles shared the details of his ordeal in a personal blog post and on his Facebook page.

PBS NewsHour executive producer Linda Winslow offered a perfect summation of our feelings about Miles and his “new reality.”

Like everyone else, we are amazed by Miles’ determination to soldier on, in spite of his life-changing accident. We are prepared to assist him every way we can, so our viewers will continue to benefit from his great intelligence and knowledge of science. He is an incredible human being–and a true professional.