Science Feb 26

Miles O'brien
Regarding Miles O’Brien’s ‘new reality’

Like everyone else, we are amazed by Miles’ determination to soldier on, in spite of his life-changing accident. We are prepared to assist him every way we can, so our viewers will continue to benefit from his great intelligence and…

Nation Jan 29

Welcome to the new PBS NewsHour

To meet the demands of an expanding and more involved audience, today we're launching a completely overhauled PBS NewsHour website. This is the most expansive redesign in the recent history of our 18-year-old online presence, and the changes aren't just…

Talking to VP Cheney tonight about his medical odyssey. @NewsHour — gwen ifill (@gwenifill) November 12, 2013 Gwen's interview with former Vice President Dick Cheney will air tonight on the PBS NewsHour.

Oct 31

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Happy Halloween! We hope it's spooktacular — NewsHour (@NewsHour) October 31, 2013…

Oct 30

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Why Mitch McConnell feels sorry for Kathleen Sebelius but not for his #KYSen chat with him tonight @NewsHour — gwen ifill (@gwenifill) October 30, 2013…

Oct 29

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tnx to @ColbertReport for their continued support of @Newshour by using us the fact people so often — hari sreenivasan (@hari) October 29, 2013…