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KarlKarl Sabbagh (Producer/Director/Writer)

Karl Sabbagh is a British television producer and writer who started his career in BBC television and now runs Skyscraper Productions, which produces a range of documentary, music and drama programs for broadcasters in the UK and the USA. He entered the BBC science programs department as a graduate trainee, one of 12 traineeships awarded by the BBC each year. He worked on a number of series, including HORIZON, INSIDE MEDICINE, CONTROVERSY and various documentaries on science, technology and medicine. He was executive producer of THE BODY IN QUESTION, a thirteen-part series written and presented by Dr. Jonathan Miller and co-produced with PBS.

Other credits include a 26-part television series on the human body, called THE LIVING BODY, a six-part series for Central Television on social anthropology and programs for Channel 4 (U.K.) on nuclear power, the Indian mathematician Ramanujan, nanotechnology, social anthropology, smoking in China and other scientific and medical topics.

After producing the SKYSCRAPER series for Channel 4 and PBS, Sabbagh set up Skyscraper Productions. At Skyscraper, Sabbagh has produced and directed many programs including POWER INTO ART, TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY JET and WHISPERS OF CREATION. Karl Sabbagh is the author of several books including The Living Body (Macdonald), Skyscraper (Macmillan), Magic or Medicine? with Dr Rob Buckman (Macmillan/Key Porter), 21st Century Jet (Scribner) and A Rum Affair (Penguin).

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BelindaBelinda Aird (Producer/Director)

Belinda Aird has worked in more areas of television than she would like to admit. Before studying video production at New York University, she worked briefly in theater and feature films in the UK. On returning to Britain, Aird worked for Essential Pictures, a post production facilities house, as an edit assistant working on documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4, as well as a number of corporate and training films. After making the break into production, she was a development researcher for several production companies researching subjects as varied as

videos for clients like British Aerospace, Nissan and the Halifax Building Society while working for ITN as a production manager/assistant producer at Channel 4 News.

At Skyscraper, Aird has worked on SPACE STATION, FIERCE AND GENTLE CREATURES, a documentary on the conservation work of Jersey Zoo on the Channel Islands, starring John Cleese, and POETRY AT THE GLOBE. Aird is currently working on POWER INTO ART.

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