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Skyscraper Productions Ltd. was set up in 1990 by Karl Sabbagh, an independent television producer who had previously worked for the BBC and for Independent Communications Associates (InCA), which he helped to establish in 1984. In the past seven years, Skyscraper Productions has produced a range of documentary, music and drama programs for broadcasters in the UK and the USA, many of which have aired around the world.

The company is currently in production on POWER INTO ART, a four-part series charting the ups and downs of converting an old power station into London's new Tate Gallery of Modern Art and the continuation of the SPACE STATION series.

Previous Skyscraper/Sabbagh productions for PBS include SKYSCRAPER, a five-part series following the design and construction of a Manhattan skyscraper, 21ST CENTURY JET, a five-part series following Boeing's new 777 airliner from computer design to entry into passenger service and BEFORE BABEL, a one-hour documentary about the origin of languages.

Skyscraper's BBC and Channel 4 productions for broadcast in Great Britain include FIERCE AND GENTLE CREATURES, a one-hour documentary about Jersey Zoo on the Channel Islands and wildlife conservation, starring John Cleese; 21ST CENTURY AIRPORT, a three-part series following the Italian architect, Renzo Piano, through the design and construction of Kansai Airport built on an artificial island in Osaka Bay; A BRAND FROM BURNING, a two-hour drama with actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company about the life of John Wesley; and ERIK SATIE: THINGS SEEN TO THE LEFT AND THE RIGHT, a documentary/performance biography about the life and works of French composer Erik Satie.

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