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Why should you use Standard Deviants TV in your Classroom? It's simple - your students will love it. Standard Deviants TV is based on one principle: learning should be fun.

Our approachable and enjoyable style helps break down complex information into clear concepts and guide the student through the material piece by piece. The Standard Deviants use cutting-edge graphics, music, and humor to help students learn and remember material. Whether it's a 3-D walkthrough of the Globe Theater or a humorous skit that teaches English Grammar, the Standard Deviants go the extra mile to grab the student's attention. SDTV is also modular. You can show an entire program or just a five-minute segment to reinforce or demonstrate a concept. And there are already thirteen subjects to choose from, with more on the way.

Best of all, educational institutions get free off-air recording rights for 1 year. Just click on any subject below and you'll find a wide array of teacher resources that will help you integrate the Standard Deviants into your lesson plans.

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