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Timeline of 20th Century Events (2)

"... the most important invention of the 20th century..."

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1910     February 13 - William Shockley born    
1911     Amundsen reaches South Pole, Standard Oil loses anti-trust suit  
1912     De Forest invents telephone amplifier, The Titanic sinks  
1913     Ford assembly line produces Model T    
1914     Panama Canal opens    
1915     Coast to coast phone system operational, Military tank invented
1916     Condenser microphone, stainless steel invented  
1917     Electric razor invented, Communists win Russian Revolution
1918     Mass spectroscope invented, World War I ends
1919     Proton discovered, Arc welder invented  
1920     19th Amendment gives women the right to vote, Isaac Asimov born, Ghandi leads non-violent reform in India
1921     Albert Einstein wins Nobel prize  
1922     Lincoln Memorial opened, Vitamin D, King Tut's tomb discovered
1923     De Forest shows first sound-on-film motion picture
1924     Frosted light bulb, frozen food marketed  
1925     Hitler's Mein Kampf is published in Germany, Scopes evolution trial
  1926     Goddard demonstrates liquid fuel rocket, AA Milne writes Winnie the Pooh
  1927     Lindbergh makes first solo transatlantic flight    
  1928     Flemming discovers Penicillin, Duncan sells yo-yos  
  1929     Stock market crashes, Silent films are completely replaced by "talkies."
  1930     Quantum Mechanics meets Semiconductors, Sliced bread introduced
  1931     Empire State Bldg. opened, Edison dies
  1932     Quantum theory of solids developed

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