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Timeline of 20th Century Events (3)

"... the most important invention of the 20th century..."

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1930     Quantum Mechanics meets Semiconductors, Sliced bread introduced
  1931     Empire State Bldg. opened, Edison dies
  1932     Quantum theory of solids developed
  1933     FDR proposes "new deal", first drive-in movie theater
  1934     Launderette introduced  
  1935     President Roosevelt signs Social Security Act
  1936     King Edward VIII abdicates throne, Boulder Dam completed, Gone With The Wind published
  1937     Auto & Steel unions win first big contracts, Disney's Snow White released
  1938     Orson Wells' War of the Worlds broadcast, Nylon invented  
1939     Electron microscope invented, Grapes of Wrath published, Television debuts at NY World's Fair, World War II begins
1940     Russell Ohl discovers P-N junction    
1941     Regular TV broadcasting begins  
1942     First atomic chain reaction triggered  
1943     "Casablanca" released, synthetic rubber developed  
1944     D Day invasion of France  


  Shockley & Morgan assemble solid state research teams, atomic bomb tested and deployed, World War II ends
  1946   ENIAC, the pioneering electronic digital computer, uses 18,000 vacuum tubes
  1947   December 16, invention of point-contact transistor, Jackie Robinson breaks the baseball color barrier
  1948   January, Shockley invents junction transistor , The military is informed about transistors, Orwell's "1984" published, Frisbee, Velcro invented, Berlin Airlift

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