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Timeline of 20th Century Events (6)

"... the most important invention of the 20th century..."

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  1965     "Moore's Law" predicts the rate of growth of IC components, Winston Churchill dies
  1966     Surveyor probe lands on the Moon, US planes bomb Hanoi
  1967     First hand held calculators, Surveyor 3 scoops and tests Lunar soil, First human heart transplant performed
  1968     G Moore & R Noyce leave Fairchild to form Intel Corp, ML King Jr. and RF Kennedy assassinated
  1969     Neil Armstrong is the first man to walk on moon, Apollo 13  
  1970     ARPA develops computer network, First Earth Day, 747's fly transatlantic routes  
  1971     T Hoff invents the microprocessor (with 2300 transistors), US to Europe direct dialing  
  1972     J Bardeen wins 2nd Nobel Prize for work in Superconductivity, Pong video game debuts
  1973     CAT scan developed, Roe v. Wade decision legalizes abortion, Watergate  
  1974     President Nixon resigns, Rubik's Cube is the rage
  1975     W. Gates and P. Allen start Microsoft Corp, N. Vietnamese take Saigon
  1976     Viking I & II land on Mars, VHS videotape developed
  1977     Space Shuttle "Enterprise" test flight, Voyager launch, Apple II personal computer, "Star Wars" released
  1978     First test-tube baby born    
  1979     The Shah leaves Iran, Margaret Thatcher becomes British Prime Minister  
  1980     CNN debuts, John Lennon killed
  1981     IBM PC First Space Shuttle launch, AIDS disease identified  

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