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Now that Gustav has subsided and the Republican convention is back on schedule, there are only two things buzzing around the newsroom and convention hall floors. 


The first is the continuing gossip and speculation around VP pick Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The other is the counter-convention being hosted across the river in Minneapolis by GOP Representative and presidential candidate Ron Paul.


While Palin has yet to make an appearance at the convention, she's everywhere as far as what people are talking about.


For a look at how social conservatives are reacting to Palin, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly's Kim Lawton reports that delegates are "excited" despite the news that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.


Back in June, a Real Clear Politics opinion piece laid forth just what's being talked about today - Palin as a savvy choice that shouldn't have come as such a shock to the political world.


But is Bristol Palin the first nominee's daughter to be pregnant during a campaign? We may never know, but Slate does the math on some former candidates' kids.


And as for that other convention, Ron Paul's supporters have been out in force, with a huge lineup of celebrities and politicians touting their cause. It's even being broadcast live on the campaign's website. Looking more like a concert tailgate than a political convention, NewsHour's audio slideshow gives an inside look at what it's like at the Campaign for Liberty events.


Between the Palin buzz, the protests yesterday, and the counter-convention, there are certainly stark differences between this week's RNC and last week's Democratic convention in Denver. Congressional Quarterly has a fun chart looking at the causes celebres in both places, from favorite accessories to Daily Show correspondents.


How will the speeches and order of the convention play against the side stories that have kept the media occupied before the real conventioneering begins?


fran koebert said:

I am a registered democrat. I watched the DNC. To me it was like an American Idol program. The commentators all spoke how great the speeches were but I heard no startling revelations from anyone. I just started watching the RNC and the first couple of speeches were good. Then I heard a girl recite her essay about the American Flag. She then led the Pledge to the Flag. For the next 15 minutes all I heard about was Palin's daughter. I wanted to hear what the republicans had to say. It did not sound like an American Idol platform. But then all I heard about was Palin's daughter. I think if I keep listening to the RNC I will learn about raising kids but I won't know anything about what was said from the platform. Is there something wrong with this picture or am I just seeing a great "snow job"?
Fran Koebert, Retired, Taxpayer, Voter, and an American that can read, write and understand the English language.
P. S. - Now I am going back to watch the RNC - Maybe you will broadcast the spoeeches and let me decide what I listened to!

John Fernseher said:

What is it with these gasbag PBS commentators? I'm really glad I was able to miss the first part of the video on that Navy Seal so that I could listen to one of these inane "fill the vacuum" gasbags chatter on about something or other he happened to be speculating about... Nice work!

Robin Ray said:

Could the PBS hosts be more biased? First of all, they have the life of an inflated balloon. Secondly, it is obvious where their political alliances lie. This is the PUBLIC Broadcasting System. I would expect they, of all networks, to present every news event from an impartial point of view. I will never give my money to support this liberal point of view - although I realize my tax dollars do that for me. I do not care to hear their opinions about past previous Vice President Candidates and their failures - or any other irrelevant twisted connection they try to make to our Republican nominees. If their goal is to turn off all audiences from future viewing they likey succeeded.

Scott said:

Today's convention was a joke. There were more protesters than attendees and all they discussed was what type of person John McCain is without actually saying anything. The John McCain of 2000 and earlier was a great man who did great things for this country. The political version is a shell of his former self, but I doubt we will hear that this week from the conservative biased news.

Robert said:

For all the critical thinking pertaining to Palin, you would think the Democrats could apply the same "open-minded" suspicion to their presidential candidate. Only one person benefitted more from Fanny Mae financially than he did, and his financial advisors are up to their necks in corruption... which makes sense of why HE hasn't called for a criminal investigation that would involve his staff. So what makes democrats think that Obama genuinely cares about justice or "change" when its clear that he won't stand up to people on his own party that are involved in corruption.
In a recent report, Barak Hussein Obama encourages those in his party to "get in the faces" of those who don't see things like they do, but when has he stood like a man and make his OWN attack against the people in HIS party that started the financial mess that is now facing investors... starting with Clinton and working it's way down through the liberal "superstars" on that side of the isle. "Change" is necessary on BOTH sides of the isle.
It is distressing that a "public" broadcasting channel would fall in line with the euphoric ignorance that NBC ABC CBS and CNN coat their perspective of Barak Hussein Obama. If Palin's middle name was "Binladin" you and the rest of the liberal media wouldn't miss an opportunity to call her by her FULL name.
His social intolerance of people with faith-based convictions, his sexist attacks on Hillary when she was a threat to his nomination, and his willingness to let his liberal bloggers do his attacks for him, calls into question his "innocent" remarks about Palin that he claims are not to be interpreted as sexist, and makes me question his ability to serve the well-being of ALL Americans, should he be elected as president.
If PBS would use the same hard-hitting reporting to highlight Barak Hussein Obama's faults, it MIGHT give you the credentials to be believable when you "dish the dirt" on Mc Cain and Palin.
As it stands, the old PBS dog has a lot of new tricks to learn.

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