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Photo: Griffin House

705 Saint Louis Street, Edwardsville, Illinois.

Designed for Ralph Griffin.

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alter's younger brother, Ralph, married the daughter of a prominent family in Edwardsville, Illinois. Ralph and his new bride took up residence with her family in a spacious Queen Anne Victorian on Saint Louis Street. It soon became necessary for Ralph to consider building a new home for his family and a lot was acquired across the street from his in-laws. He hired Walter to design the house and the grounds.

ustin Griffin, Ralph's son, remembers visiting the construction site of his family home as a child. He lost a toy hammer under the porch, but the workers fished it out for him. When the hammer was lost again, the workers left it to be covered in concrete.

alter played off his use of split levels in the Emery House in his design for his brother. The living room is at the level of the entry way. But it is half a flight down to the billiard room, and half a flight up to the library. The library features a unique corner fireplace. Off of the library is a screened-in porch. The dining room is located at the other end of the house, also on this level. The winding staircase and the frequent change in levels creates the feeling that you're inside a seashell.

he entire house, inside and out, is symmetrical. Windows and doors match each other across the room. The windows of the living room are decorated with wooden mullions in geometric patterns. The kitchen has been recently remodeled. The built-in china hutch reflects the pattern in the living room windows. The look of wood cabinets is complimented by a fireplace next to the kitchen table.

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