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Photo: Stinson Library

409 S. Main Street, Anna, Illinois.

Plans completed: March 1913.

Construction: Reinforced concrete and stone.

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riffin received the commission to design this library presumably because he was a friend of a board member's son. When it was completed, the Library Board as well as the town were quite surprised by what Griffin created.

riffin combined natural materials to create a monolithic building for this small southern Illinois town. The library appears to rise out of the earth. The walls are covered with rough cut limestone mined from a local quarry. Griffin balanced the roughness with a ring of leaded glass windows at the roof line.

hen Griffin received the bid for the construction of the project the lowest came from a St. Louis contractor. Griffin became concerned his design would not be carried out. He contacted Chicago master builder F. P. Mueller to match the bid. Mueller had been the builder of Wright's Larkin building and Unity Temple. Griffin explained his actions to the library board saying, "I have always wished Mr. Mueller could do the work because he has enough artistic temperament to take pride in a class of work which often is not a commercial advantage." Mueller was hired for the job.

riffin designed a meeting room in the lower level, complete with a stage and recessed lighting. that would not interfere with a performance.

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