How do you think those punk teenagers on St. Mark's Place do?
They might do better—you never know. It's up to the individual. How much time they want to put into it, and what their goal is, and what they're trying to do—if they're trying to get a room or something to eat or whatever the case may be. Like I say, it's all about time.

Now—how much do I make? How many days do I do it? I do it every day. I do every day, almost every day. I make enough for a hotel room, which is $27 dollars at the cheap hotel—but it's nice, it's clean. Okay, $27 dollars for a single room, I make money for food, breakfast. I make money for dinner. And my lunch money comes from the $5 deposit from the hotel, I get lunch with that at noon.
If a day is going good, and altogether, say I need $45, that's my goal for the day, $45. If I get that in three hours, sometimes I work for three MORE hours so I can pay for the hotel for two days. So I won't have to work the next day. Or if I do, I'll only make $25 and then it won't be so hard.

Is panhandling like your job?


Looking for a Job


How would you feel about a panhandler spending money you gave him on alcohol or cigarettes?
It would upset meIt wouldn't bother me

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